Sunday, 6 March 2011

big bad baking day

 All for a friend's mum's surprise 60th birthday party... I had so much fun with this baby! 60 cupcakes: vanilla, chocolate, raspberry and white chocolate, caramel mudcake, and lemon; 2 baked cheesecakes: mixed berry, and chocolate and baileys; and boxes and boxes of malteser slice and rocky road. I'm not going to lie... if I didn't have my trusty dualit hand mixer, I probably wouldn't have an arm left right now, but I do, and I do, so all is well.

 I loved taking pics of these: the raspberry swirl sponges with white chocolate butter icing with a cute wee chocolate cnowball on top, they make me think of the 50's for some reason.
 Yes I got a bit carried away...
 ok very carried away...
 others are starting to slip in... the brown ones are... quite obviously.. the chocolate cupcakes... can't go wrong for a big party I'd say! Got some teeny weeny little mini eggs, so miniminieggs really, all a nice bluey purple colour on top of these. The Yeller's are the lemon cupcakes, same as in previous post, different piping- remind me of the great Frenchie in grease looking like a 'beautiful blonde pineapple'...
 And the lovely vanilla roses with edible glitter! WOOOOO. yes. you can't beat a bit of edible glitter.
 These are the cheeseycakes in polaroid form. nom nom nom.
And the caramel and white chocolate mud cakes. Nice and dense and moist with some chocolatey fudge icing onnatop. mm. mm. and mm.

All packed up and ready to go.. you can just see a bit of tray bake in the top tubs, wasn't so enamoured taking pics of that I packed it away as soon as made it (mostly because there was zero room in my teeny kitchen). Bye bye cakes : )

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