Tuesday, 15 February 2011

#9 Peaches and Cream (with a valentines twist)

Can you guess the valentines twist?! I really am no fan of Valentines day, but I was quite excited watching 'baking make easy' the other week when she showed that pithing the strawberry means instant hearts when you chop'em, I usually just lop the top off! So what better time to try. Rather more tasty than the delightfully (disgustingly) furry red heart cushions I noticed in tesco earlier. Not that I tasted them but I think it's a given. So these are tasty little peach and vanilla sponges with cream cheesey butter icing and a straaaaawberry ona top! Nice and simple. Smashingly tasty.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

#8 Lemon Cupcakes

Now I'm not usually one for citrussy sweet things... just not enough chocolate for my liking... but these- hooh! I could in fact have eaten this whole tray full if they were not for other people. I think I may infact be getting too-attached-to-my-cakes disorder hehe. Anyway, these are a slightly lemony sponge, filled with lovely lemon curd, and topped with lemony butter icing. That's a lorra' lemon! But not so much it makes you gurn like sucking on a lemon, they're just poifect!

#7 Blackcurrant Muffins

MMMmmmmmmmoist! Freshest of the fresh made with blackcurrants from Val's garden (it's a bit of a late back-blog for all you people who know the blackcurrant season is not exactly in full swing) With a yummy lemon cream cheese icing and some frosted berries on top. Who doesn't love a cake that also gives you one of your 5 a day?! It's practially an orange...

#6 Red Velvet

 Whaaaat a colour! And it only takes half a bottle of food colouring... The classic red velvet sponge with cream cheese icing, nice wee bit of cocoa in the sponge, tis super soft. Just in time for a wee valentine themed cupcakey day if you're running low on ideas! Much better than a bunch of flowers picked up from the local garage. A combination of the two however: unstoppable...