Saturday, 29 January 2011

#5 Black Forest Cheesecake

 The first of the non-cupcakeular posts, but it's still a 'cake', and it's not dundee cake, so there we go. Tis infact a black forest baked cheesecake, with blackcurrant, cherry and raspberry swirls and fresh fruit topping. Little bit of orange zest in there for some zing. And a slightly choclolatey biscuit base. It weighs a ton! Much sadness comes with this cheesecake however... as I get to eat NONE OF IT!!! aaaaaah the pain. It is a birthday present.. but maybe I'll stop buy tesco on the way and buy some muffins instead. No... Must resist...

Friday, 28 January 2011

#4 Purely Pretty Vanilla

Well tis a plain old Vanilla sponge with butter icing, but it has made me remember how actually tasty the simple things are! Yummy. Also rather enjoying my other new piping noz for it's ability to create roses. Bit girly you say? Well 2 boys have had them so far and I didn't hear any complaints!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

#3 Parma Violet

Well on a visit to my sister's house I decided to take advantage of her pestle and mortar and invent myself some parma violet cupcakes! Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera... so cue terrible phone photography.
These are just  wee vanilla sponges as thought anything else might just be sickly with the powdery flower taste, and a sort of italian meringuey topping recipe from the Eat Me! book of treats, adapted and including the parma violets! Of course there had to be some sprinkling of prettiness, so some violet pearly's did the job. Icing is a tad sickly on it's own (I found after eating around a kilo of it) but tasty with the cake. Intriguing....

#2 Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Oooooooh such alliterative genius. Bit of the ole' choccy sponge marbled with chocolate chunky cheesecake with cream cheesey icing. Super moist and super tasty. And somewhat less like a cartoon poo. Yay!

before the icing twas somewhat planetary

Sunday, 16 January 2011

#1 White ChoccaMocha

Hello number one blog post. 
This little baby consists of a mocha sponge, white chocolate ganache filling, and coffee buttercream icing.
Supremely tasty, may even help keep you awake for a while.
Shame I chose the smooth piper from my new set as the icing does look somewhat reminiscent of a cartoon poo.

 Oh well.

Better luck next time.